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Muhammad(pbuh) was a True Prophet: The Evidence of Truth.

    Certainly, the most astounding thing in this entire universe is ‘I–myself’. ‘I am alive’ what can be more phenomenal than this! I am at a time pronounced and latent in myself. The more I endeavor to self-engage to decipher and understand myself the stronger veil of complexity appears to my perception and sentiments. What is the specific right way to muster this knowledge? From where does it begin and where does it end? Who am I? What am I? And most importantly why am I? What am I made of? And how am I constructed? Am I simply a combination of ovum and sperm? Had nature created me? Or I myself had created myself? What is the goal of my life? What is the way to get these answers? Is there any scholar or saint who can provides these answers?


    Even if anyone succeeds to acquire a little bit of knowledge in this regard, he flounders to share his knowledge and convey his philosophy. This is because in this world there is no such medium to express or transfer this knowledge. Although some scholars can show the path to some extent, they cannot illustrate or entrench it upon one’s Ontor(heart). This can only be achieved through awakening of one’s innermost soul and self-engagement. From the very moment of our birth, this “I” or “oneself” is latent in the phenomenon named “physique”. After that this secluded ‘self’ is shielded by the vigorous crust of the commonality of nature. And this shield creates a wall of limitations to our thoughts and feelings. Hence self exploration and spiritual emancipation enable us to step beyond the wall of limitations to know our truer self to limited extent. Yet this fragmented chunk is too enigmatically muffled to transcend through even by any scholar.


    The absolute entity is the source of this ‘one self’. Although ethereal reflection can provide knowledge about this absolute entity partially, it is not possible to unravel the mystery and origin of this self being to the entirety. Nobody possess the knowledge about the spheres of death and the phases beyond that. An enlightening power emerging from this absolute entity is called “Liv entity” which administers our brain. Then again, this Liv entity cannot uphold its existence alone. It requires a dimension to orchestrate its mechanism. The Ontor(heart) provides it with that essential dimension. Grounded on the vantage ground of Ontor(heart), this Liv entity governs the brain to perform its act. One of the most magnificent constituents of this entity is intellect and the others include thought, minded, imagination, memory and cogitation. Honesty, humanity, modesty along with thinking power constitute conscience. And Ontor(heart) is the vessel that holds everything of this mundane life. Virtue cannot exist without any medium to hold. Virtue houses itself in virtuous media. Love, kindness, sympathy, creed, lust, wrath, hatred, pride, jealousy etc. exist in a vessel which is located inside of Ontor(heart). In the sphere of spirituality when someone beholds his absolute self he remains bewildered. He observes and endeavors to comprehend his own self and in doing so, he himself relishes divine tranquility. Whenever he narrates these feelings to a listener, the listener becomes startled but fails to grasp the essence.


    The Ontor(heart) is obscure, unintelligible and intricate. As the entrance of the Ontor(heart) is usually shut, it is tough to know about it. Yet patience able to enter into the Ontor(heart) and wander through simply a single sphere. Human instinct both good and evil works as a combined force to control the untamed and beastly tendencies which is then manifested in the external one part of the Ontor(heart).  When a child is born, its Ontor(heart) is like a sprout. Then, even before the Liv entity starts to manipulate the five senses through the brain, the feelings attraction appears and even before the sense of hunger take its root in it. The Liv entity by using brain learns to supervise its performance by this sense of attraction. Along with the physical progression the Ontor(heart) grows up like a plant making all its instincts as twigs and branches. The Ontor(heart) is extremely powerful. It loves to move spontaneously according to its caprice. Its nature is to indulge in enjoyment and comfort and that's why it cannot tolerate the separation from this luxury for a single moment. Whenever conscience or intellect or surrounding situation intrudes in its way to take the Ontor(heart) out of this indulgence it turns into a rebellion and starts to contradict. The nature of the domain of enjoyment and the outcome of this battle altogether constitutes the character of each person. When the Ontor(heart) is strongly existing in that sort of domain of enjoyment it enslaves the intellect, conscience and then appears the entity named-“Mind”. From this domain of enjoyment of the Ontor(heart), the Mind with all its diversities begins. The domain of mind is vast and intricate. The deadliest vices of this domain of Mind are whimsical thoughts and imprudent acts. These whimsical acts in consonance with the affluence of wealth awaken the untamed beasts latent in human nature such as greed, pride, obstinacy, envy and grudge. Thus, the Ontor(heart) losses its simplicity and natural ease and the vessel upholding the virtues becomes languid and feeble. The Ontor(heart) gets petrified by indulging in the pleasure and makes its position even more rigid. People who belong to this category are the worshiper of instincts, foolish and ignorant whose Ontor(heart)s are engulfed. They do not have sufficient insight to realize the truth.


    Noble character: Truthfulness is the essence of a noble character, which hails for the prohibition of lies from each and every act and behavior of life. Endurance unravels the kingdom of wisdom and celebrates the liberation of intuition. Patience is the yardstick to eliminate the shadow of complexities of the nature. Fulfilling promise is one of the greatest quality of noble character.  Controlling anger is considered as bravery. Craving for money, wealth, power, woman and food degrades humanity and morality. Pride is the container and fuel to all sins and to be compared with the sun of Solar system. It transforms the wicked instincts to the shape of a demon. It destroys mercy, compassion, humanity and morality and imprisons the Ontor(heart) into harshness and sick-mentality. Power and affluence of wealth are one of the main reasons that inserts pride into the Ontor(heart). A man of noble character suppresses all sorts of temptation and always consciously keeps an eye on this issue. Humility is another most fundamental building block of good character. Personality of a man is founded on this. Envy burns the Ontor(heart) as the fire burns the wood. A noble man is complacent with whatever he has and thus defeats the pangs of envy. Humiliation, physical and mental unrest, depravity of legal rights results in wrath and vindictiveness take shelter in the Ontor(heart) and impacts the flow of life. Anger always obscures mind and deeds with the thoughts of revenge, chaos, murder and destruction of the opponent. Forgiveness is the antidote to such venomous tendencies. For this reason, forgiveness is considered as a celestial virtue because it refines the Ontor(heart). Working for others amelioration, not hurting others by act or speech, not talking ill about others, avoiding indulgence into unnecessary discussions and not being whimsical; these are some rudiments of great character that keeps the Ontor(heart) away from all sorts of cravings desires and self-indulgence. Such a person presents himself to his family and neighbors by behaving decently, talking in a well-mannered tone and by presenting himself actively participating in family works and demonstrating honesty. So to sum up it can be said that mercy, endurance and modesty are the essence of a noble character.


    A prophet’s character ought to be nobler than the noblest; better than the best. Far before our Prophet Hazrat Muhammad(pbuh) received revelations from God, he had been entitled as "Al Amin" (truthful) by the people of Mecca. Not a single person got a slight scope to question or to doubt his character. The character of a man can be most flawlessly and reliably certified by none other than his wife because nobody knows a man better than his better half. Then come the family members, relative, neighbors and the persons with whom he has monetary dealings. Similarly who else could know Muhammad(pbuh) more profoundly than Khadiza (Ra)? If a wife has the slightest doubt on her husband’s character she will never concede him as a prophet no matter how much she loves and respects him. Khadiza (Ra) was the first one who believed in Muhammad's(pbuh) words and vowed to Islam. Later his followers, family members, friends and those who knew him embraced the doctrine of Islam.


    Those who endeavors to cultivate good custom and conduct, never affords to tell lie. The amalgamation of true and false is as impossible as the unification of sun and moon. A person of noble character can neither disguise himself with shroud of fraudulence to proclaim himself as the nominee of God to preach the “words of God”, nor can he delude people in the name of the holy Quran. A prophet can never cheat the people of the world for thousands of years by preaching falsehood. There is not a single evidence that Muhammad(pbuh) had ever uttered a single lie intentionally or broke a promise or killed or ordered to kill someone unjustly. Because if that happened, Islam had been already faced its extinct. This is beyond all doubts. This is as simple as truth. Intuition and perception is enough to understand the life style, dealings and behavior of a person who devoted his whole life for the sake of truth. Those who cultivate good character can be able to dissolve the doubt. Yet it will remain intricate to those who are secluded or insane or stone-Ontor(stone-hearted).


    Normally the Ontor(heart) is neither willing to nor able to nor capable of pertaining vivacity. This is a universal truth. Naturally the human race abhors lie. The Ontor(heart) feels fickle when it faces reprobates, imposters and swindlers. It grows even more bitterly tormented by the company of arrogant, rigid and ignorant people. Hence this Ontor(heart) gets succumbed to the enjoyment being allured by desire, envy and vanity and comes closer to the people of worst character. In this process it derogates itself into filthiness. Protecting the Ontor(heart) in such a chaos is only possible by transmitting it from the shroud of naturalness to the shield of rigors and thus making the personality rigorous. Before the birth of Muhammad (pbuh) in Mecca there existed an era of darkness and ignorance. The society was succumbed to vile activities such as assassination, riot, ravage, hooliganism, Incest, infanticide and mockery of justice. It was a horrible portrayal of a fallen and immoral society. Of course nobody acts against own wish and none keeps the company of ignorant people willingly. Muhammad(pbuh) appeared as a rescuer as well as vanguard for not only the contemporary ignorant and dumb society of Arab but also for the entire human race till the eternity. He took responsibility for enlightening and uplifting the human race from its fallen state to the zenith of dignity. Only a "Prophet(Rasul)" affords to do that. This is the greatest truth to the fullest sense of term. Hence, very few people can realize it.


    God has created man with a magnificent dexterity and presented with flawless perfection. "I" or the entity called "myself" is beyond the dimension of space and time, and the doctrine of reason and logic. This entity has been set for a periodical journey to the earth with the vehicle of a transient body. There is nothing in this universe that can satisfy the Ontor(heart). The Ontor(heart) never becomes pleased until it reaches to the blissful world of its own gleaming ray. As the vessel of both noble and bad instincts the Ontor(heart) has been sent through the soul for test. Obviously, this test is enigmatic because "myself" is inexpressible to me. It is strange that a man’s each and every action is controlled by the Ontor(heart) but nobody knows or understands his own Ontor(heart). Man is endowed with intellect, conscience and reason. He is independent to apply his will power. From the birth until the death people remain engaged to their works. And these works are being enlisted. What have we reaped from our actions?  We are subjected to answer to God for our actions and thoughts. This is the eternal ordeal and God created man to test who is best in his actions and intentions. That's why HE sent Muhammad(pbuh) to warn and to guide us and provided us with a complete instruction for leading our life according to the holy Quran. Those who being blind with pride, vanity, caprice, ignorance and being gripped with bond of delusion, glorify the paternal religion or atheism, neglects the truth and refuses to accept Muhammad(pbuh) as the prophet of God, they should clearly know neither of these bases belong to them. These are traps and they are ensnared. Knowledge and truth are firmly established inside everyone. The phenomena like golden ratio, DNA, nuclear protein and all other events of the universe are simply happening according to the wish and command of the creator. Those who believes that the surrounding world and the universe have taken form by course of natural process, this is a very wicked and illogical idea. They do not have the minutest idea about the mightiness of the creator of this vast universe. Their realization ought to be feeble and this is feeble because their Ontor(heart)s are stony. The veil existing in amidst the mind denies numerous portents of God. Everyone will taste death and very soon will encounter the truth about which he was skeptical and doubtful. Bewilderingly he will explore his own "self". The goal of prophets will be then transparent to him and so will be his caprice, whims and sarcasm. God’s seizure is subtle, mystic yet vigorous. All the living beings are approaching towards the borderline of the allotted time span. When it will be time for them to unveil the shrouds of their Ontor(heart)s?

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