Jan ০৩

Depth in sight

Mourning sun peeps,
A magpie beeps
in the early winter dawn,
Marigold blooms
Winter night glooms
Dreams run like a fawn.

Winter night falls,
A dove calls ,
How sweet the song hears!
Trimble poor,
Roar sea shore,
The rich sleep, None cares!

Cold breezes blow,
Boats play slow,
The reddish sun about to set,
Birds return
All day earn
praise thy Lord what they get.

White snow drops,
breeze in crops,
Announce Thou art so so nice!
variety in life,
hinging dates ripe,
Make me grateful, cool my eyes.

Tired snakes bask
Man in musk
Curse all day-night and beat,
Slave of God
keeps no spot
Doth no harm let alone cheat.

Seven heavens say
At Night, on day
Thou are great, great Thy art.
See I them
praise Thy name
Beautify life, enrich heart!