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Nikola Tesla – A True Legend



Year 1870 AD.A math class is going on in a school of Croatia.Today's topic 'Integration'.Hard integrations have started after some classes.Writing some maths on the board,the teacher turned around to see if the students were doing math or not.Everyone is doing with their full concentration.Except one.The teacher came close to him and asked,"Why aren't you doing?".The 14 year old boy solved every single problem on the board.The teacher thought that the boy must have memorized the answers.The teacher gave some more problems by making himself.The boy again answered all of them correctly.He didn't even once take the help of notebook or pen.The teacher realized this boy is really a genius.But we don't know about this genius from our childhood.Tesla,an EEE Engineer who remained ignored in the pages of history.This writing is a tribute to him.

Tesla was born in 10 July,1856 in a village of Croatia.His father and grandfather was both a priest.He was fourth among his five siblings.His eldest brother died by falling from a horse.His father wanted Nikola to be a priest like him.His father used to pressurize him for being a priest since his childhood.But Nikola didn't want that.Not at all.Nikola started his primary studies in 1861 and learnt German language,math and religious studies.In 1870,he was reading in high school while this incident of solving integration occurred.It was then his brilliance was discovered for the first time.In 1873 he completed graduation in three years which would take four years.

He returned to his village after graduation the same year.Soon after arriving he was attacked with cholera.He was in a very critical condition.He was in bed for long nine months.He almost came close to death several times.Nikola's father promised him that he would get Nikola admitted to an Engineering School.He won't insist Nikola for being a priest anymore.Tesla recovered at a time.

He escaped from being admitted to military in 1874.He began to wander in mountains.Tesla later said that this close relationship with nature was very important in his life.He used to read Mark Twain.

In 1875 Tesla got admitted to Austrian Polytechnic.His dream.He didn't miss a single lecture in first year.He got highest grade in all.His father got a letter from Dean saying,"Your son is the star of first class".He continuously struggled from 3 pm to 11 pm.He didn't take any rest in any holiday.In 1879 when his father died,Nikola found a letter which was sent to his father from his teachers saying,"Immediately take your son from school or he will die struggling".

In the second year,Nikola had an argument with a professor on "a commutator is needed or not".In the same year he got addicted to gambling and his scholarship was cancelled.In the third year he spent all his wealth on gambling and became a pauper.But again he earned everything back from gambling.Then he got addicted playing billiard.

When exam was knocking at the door,Nikola realized he didn't read a thing.He wanted to increase PL.But his claim was denied.He couldn't graduate.He didn't get even a single grade in his last semister.He became a drop-out.

He went to Slovenia.He used  to work there as a draftsman for sixty florins per month.And he used to spend rest of his time playing cards with people on roads.In March,1879 his father found him there and insisted him to come home.But Nikola didn't go. He was suffering from nervous breakdown.In the same year he came home but his father had died by then from stroke.Tesla started teaching in his old school there.

In 1880,Tesla went to read in PRAG by the expense of his uncles.But it was too late.The time of registration was over by then.Besides,it was a requirement of the university to know Greek and Czech language.He didn't know these languages by then.

In the year 1881 he went to Budapest.He started working in a telegraph company there.Tesla started his first scientific work here,he perfected the telephone amplifier.But he never took any patent for that.

In 1884,he went to work in the company of Thomas Alva Edison.Edison himself hired him.That was in New York.During first time,his work was simple electrical engineering but later on harder problems started to come.He was given the task to redesign DC generator.In 1885 Tesla claimed that he could make this even better.Edison responded,"If you can do this I will give you 50,000$".After working months after months Tesla finally succeeded.Then he claimed for his payment from Edison.Smiling,Edison replied,"Oh Tesla! you don't understand American humour".Tesla's salary was just increased from 18$/week to 28$.This was his prize.But Tesla denied to take it and resigned.

In 1886 he started his own company named "Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing".There he made "Dynamo Electric Machine Commutator" which was his first patent.But the Investers were not interested in the new things of Tesla.Thus he became a pauper.At one time,his patents were gone out of his hands.For money he started doing repair jobs.He even engaged himself in digging for 2$.During the winter of 1886/1887 he was thinking,"what profit did I get by studying so much?".

In 1887,Tesla along with two businessmen started a company.For the first time Tesla used AC current to run induction motor in the lab.Today's electrical world started in that  very lab by the hands of Nikola Tesla.He was the first to give the idea of rotating magnetic field in 1882.

In 1888,Tesla demonstrated AC current.He showed it in IEEE.Everyone was shocked and took it as good for the first time.He even got an offer of 60,000$.But Edison became anxious.His DC current would suffer a huge loss if Tesla's AC current started in the market.Edison named AC current as "Death Current".Edison gathered some local boys and paid 25 cent per head for gathering living cats and dogs.Edison electrocuted those cats and dogs along with an elephant and killed them by Tesla's AC current to prove that AC current is dangerous.But all his efforts went  in vain.In 1892 he lost the head post of his own company.

In 1894 Tesla started working for invisible wave.But he didn't take any patent or anything for it.In 1895 Wilhelm Röntgen named that invisible wave as X-ray.Then Tesla told that he had worked with this.In 1895 everything in his lab was destroyed by fire(the loss was worth 50,000$).That's why he couldn't show any work of X-ray.He had to start all over again.When Röntgen was working with X ray,people thought X ray had healing powers.But Tesla told these waves are dangerous.Let not this be used in medical field yet.But who listens to him? Getting interested Edison started working with X ray.Fully in medical work.One of his employees Clarence Dally got so much exposed to X ray his hand was cut off.But he didn't escape even then.He died off cancer.Besides he himself used X ray on him,he repeatedly used X ray on his eyes.He almost got blind.In 1903 when he was asked about X ray he responded,"Beware! don't talk to me about X ray.I am afraid of X ray".

We know Italian Scientist Marconi is given the credit for inventing radio.But what we don't know that his works were based on Tesla's work.When Marconi first sent radio message Tesla told,"Marconi is a good man.Let him work.He used my 17 of my patents".

We know in 1935 Robert Watson Watt invented radar.But in 1917 Tesla gave its theory.Question may arise,"Why did he just gave a theory? Why didn't he make one himself?" Not at all.He was about to   do it.At that time World War I was going.He brought this proposal to the US Navy.But do you know who was the chief of U Navy Research and Development  during that time? Edison.He rejected the offer just by seeing the name of Tesla.This technology ended in that very rejection of Edison.

Did you know Tesla gave the idea of Hydroelectricity ? He told about making practical energy source from Niagara Falls.

Nikola Tesla already worked with Cryogenic Engineering 50 years before its establishment.

All the materials of making Transistor belonged to Tesla's patent.Today's computer wouldn't have even existed without it.

Who captured the first radio wave from outer space? Tesla.

Who discovered earth's resonant frequency? Tesla.(50 years later scientists believed it after testing it with modern technology)

Tesla had made an earthquake machine.A neighborhood of New York almost got destroyed because of it after turning it on.

There is a thing called ball lightning.It floats some feet above the ground.This was also shown by Tesla in 1890.

Who invented remote control ? Tesla.

Who invented neon light? Tesla.

Today's electric motor? Tesla.

Even today's wireless technology is also Tesla's invention.There is an interesting story behind this.In 1898 Tesla ran a boat from a further distance using wireless tech.Madison Square's public demonstration.People dropped down from the sky by seeing it.They didn't even hesitated claiming it as "magic,telepathy and a monkey is running it".

Tesla wanted to give radio controlled torpedo to US Navy but they didn't show any interest at that time.

Tesla could talk in eight languages.Serbian,English,German,Czech,French,Hungarian,Italian and Latin.

Tesla produced artificial lightning.The sound of it was so loud that it's sound was heard from 15 miles away colorado.135 feet long million volt of lightning.Horses were running about.Butterflies were electrified and bluish light was glowing around them.

Tesla claimed he could make an earthquake strong enough to destroy whole mankind.Even slice the earth  into two pieces.

Marconi got Nobel prize but Tesla never got.Good news,even Edison didn't get.

In 1928 Tesla made a plane that could take off vertically.This was his last patent.

Nikola Tesla's hobby in his last days were to feed pigeons.Once while feeding the pigeons Tesla had an accident.He got hit by a taxi and his three ribs were broken.This happened while he was staying at hotel New Yorker.Tesla didn't consult any doctor his whole life.This was his stubbornness.Even this time he didn't consult any doctor.So actually what really happened to him we don't know for sure.Tesla didn't even want to know who hit him.He just called a cab and went to the hotel.He was in bed for months.His grief was he couldn't feed the pigeons.In 1938 spring,Tesla started to walk again.In this very hotel in 7 January,1943 of room no. 3327 died this so called "mad scientist".He hanged "DO NOT DISTURB" sign on his door two days prior to his death.Avoiding that sign Maid Alice went in and discovered his dead body.The cause of his death was Coronary thrombosis.Two days after his death,FBI took over all his properties.An MIT professor checked all his research materials.The professor reported that there was nothing dangerous.

Did you know what was the last work of Tesla? To build a tower by which people would get free wireless energy.His dream was one day the whole world will get free energy.But after building the tower,when the builder came to know there is no financial profit for him in this,he shut it down.Full budget loss.

Tesla died being poor and in debt.He spent his last days drinking milk and eating Nabisco biscuit in that hotel.In an interview in his final days he told that an injured pigeon always came to visit him.He spent 2000$ to make a machine for healing that pigeon.Slowly the wings and bones of the pigeon was healed.He remained unmarried in his whole life.No intimacy with any woman was seen with Tesla.He thought this would harm his work.On the other hand so many woman was mad for him,what didn't they do for his attraction.But he didn't pay any heed to them.He told,"I do not think you can name many great inventions that have been made by married men".Very few people on earth have photographic memory.Tesla was one of them.He could fully read a book from his memory.He could memorize thousands of designs.Never did he wrote with hands or draw.He used to do everything from memory.Which dimension would be how much he could solve in his memory.

Nikola Tesla was the vice president of IEEE (it was AIEEE then) from 1892 to 1894.During his middle age he became friends with Mark Twain.He spent a lot of time with him.Mark was pleased to see his induction motor.In 1931 when Edison died, among hundreds of conciliation in New York Times newspaper, the only criticism was from Tesla.He fulfilled the rage of his whole life there.

Tesla never slept more than two hours.But sometimes he used to snooze.In his words this was to "recharge his batteries".While in school he played Billiard continuously for 48 hours.Once he came out of the lab after working for 84 hours continuously.Nothing happened to him.In his honour the SI unit of magnetic flux intensity is named 'Tesla'.The 10th July is Tesla day.Everyone remembers Einstein,Edison but who remembers Tesla? He is a legend born in a wrong time.My respect to him.

"Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine."

"It is paradoxical, yet true, to say, that the more we know, the more ignorant we become in the absolute sense, for it is only through enlightenment that we become conscious of our limitations."

-Nikola Tesla


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    Thanks for introducing Nicholas Tesla in Shodalap. He was one of the great scientist of modern time.

    1. 4.1
      সরকার সানজিদ আদভান

      Pleasure.Hope you've enjoyed reading it

  2. 3

    His father used to pressurize him for being a priest since his childhood. But Nikola didn't want that.

    "A Machine to End War", published in 1937, Tesla stated: There is no conflict between the ideal of religion and the ideal of science, but science is opposed to theological dogmas because science is founded on fact. To me, the universe is simply a great machine which never came into being and never will end. The human being is no exception to the natural order. Man, like the universe, is a machine. Nothing enters our minds or determines our actions which is not directly or indirectly a response to stimuli beating upon our sense organs from without. Owing to the similarity of our construction and the sameness of our environment, we respond in like manner to similar stimuli, and from the concordance of our reactions, understanding is born. In the course of ages, mechanisms of infinite complexity are developed, but what we call "soul" or "spirit," is nothing more than the sum of the functionings of the body. When this functioning ceases, the "soul" or the "spirit" ceases likewise.


    "Let the future tell the truth, and evaluate each one according to his work and accomplishments. The present is theirs; the future, for which I have really worked, is mine."- that's fine


    1. 3.1
      সরকার সানজিদ আদভান

      Brother I am unable to understand your comment.If you are trying to point out a contradiction then I think you have a misunderstanding.Just because someone doesn't want to become a priest doesn't mean he/she has some particular negative opinon regarding them.It means they have a rather atring eagerness towards something else.For example,I want to be a doctor,not an engineer even if my family pressurizes me.Doesn't mean I don't like it.

      1. 3.1.1

        Brother, please don’t misunderstand me. 

        Nikola didn't want to be priest & later in his life, he did not consider himself to be a "believer in the orthodox sense," and opposed religious fanaticism.

        According to me, religious belief is an important part of human life.

        So, I have just wanted to point out his latest belief on religion, which you didn’t mention in your story --

          সরকার সানজিদ আদভান

          My mistake and incohrence.

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    bd gost story

    nice story

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      সরকার সানজিদ আদভান

      It's not a story brother.It's a biography sort of thing.

  4. 1

    Thank you. Enjoyed reading it.

    1. 1.1
      সরকার সানজিদ আদভান

      Glad you've enjoyed it brother.

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