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Fake information about Islam

A request to all the Muslims.Don't believe in any news or photo or information given in the internet.Check its authenticity first.There are many fake information in the internet regarding Islam.What is the intention? First some Muslims will spread these false news and whenever the Anti Islamists will verify it they will have more chance to attack Islam.And people will consider us Muslims as frauds.We don't need any miracles to make our belief strong.Do we ?

Lets see some of the so called "miracles" spreading like virus in the internet.


Many people claim this forest actually exists in the physical world.Some claim it's located in Germany.But the truth is it is an oil painting drawn by Dr. Syed Al Khudari who is an Egyptian.

Okay.Lets go on to the next fake miracle.You must have seen or heard about trees going to Ruku.Is it really a miracle ? Isn't it biologically possible?  Is the shape of a tree that look alike a person going to Ruku really a miracle or it is just a simple structure that happened biologically nothing to do with miracles.

Another thing that is when can an incident be called as a miracle ? When people have the ability to understand that miracle.Isn't it? Why I'm mentioning this ? Because we Muslims learn Arabic from our childhood.So we clearly understand the structure of Arabic words,letters,sentences.And some words are so familiar that we can understand just by taking a look.For example Allah,Muhammad(pbuh),La Ilaha Illallah etc.But miracle happens so that the disbelieving people may believe.The moon was split so that the Arabs could believe.Suppose a cloud shaped with Allah or Muhammad's(pbuh) name appears somewhere in America or a tree inscribed by Allah's or Prophet's name existed there.What's the point? Would they even understand it ? Would it even matter to them? It wouldn't even draw their attention.Arabic is just a language.Everyone doesn't understand it.So  what's the point of such miracles?


What will the uneducated ranger of Nevada desert understand by seeing this cactus?


Is there any doubt that the growth of this branch is just an uncommon growing?


A tree that looks like a man going to Ruku located in a forest of Australia.


What is this? Dancer ?


Hanuman tree of Singapore.Many Hindus have already started worshipping it as a miracle of Hanuman.

Often you see whatever you think when looking at clouds.Dragons,Cat,Dog etc.Lets check out






Then why O why the appearance of Allah's name would be a miracle?


no-automatic-alt-text-available9Can't the Hindus claim the divinity of Ganesh by this ?

Besides,after the invention of Photoshop it wouldn't be wise to believe anything so quickly.Many a time we see such incidents in animals also.For example-


Cow with Allah's name


Then what is this?


Christian cow?


Allah's name inscribed on the mountains


What's this?


Allah's name on bread?


Then what is this?


Sujood(Sijdah,Prostration) of the mountain?


What about this ?

The main motto of this writing is that there's no need of spreading these as miracles.Would our faith be incomplete without believing these ? No.We believe in Allah and His Prophets.Those who want to destroy Islam they'll show us anything and we'll believe it ? Won't we verify it ?  When the truth will come out who'll be harmed ? Muslims and Islam.

O ye who believe! If a wicked person comes to you with any news, ascertain the truth, lest ye harm people unwittingly, and afterwards become full of repentance for what ye have done(Sura Hujurat,49:6)

There are numerous fake miracles like these.Accepting Islam of Neil Armstrong,the floating of mosque's minar in the air in Nepal,sight of Mecca and Medina from the moon,Jerusalem's flying stone,signs of splitting of the moon,burning to ashes of Danish cartoonist etc these have been publicized a lot.Muslims became humiliated the most when the Danish cartoonist who drew the cartoons of Muhammad(pbuh)  and who has publicized for burning to ashes appeared before the press while meeting with the German Chancellor Angela Marcol .

Remember "Innocence of Muslims" ? It was an Anti-Islamic movie.Many chaos have taken place regarding this.Fake news regarding this movie didn't stop too.Like the destruction of the cinema theatre by earthquake.


The truth is this isn't a cinema theatre at all.Neither did it occur on 8 September 2012.Rather this picture was taken in Chili not in America.27 September 2010.70 Miles radius 8.8 Richter scale earthquake.The Concepcion building(not a theatre) fell down.



See more pictures of the earthquake http://archive.boston.com/bigpicture/2010/02/earthquake_in_chile.html

This doesn't mean Allah can't show miracles in this age.The thing is,"Miracles are self-explanatory.Miracle does not need to be proved. It proves itself. And man wonders"

Are we those Muslims who brought their belief by watching miracles ? You know something? Maybe the  value of our belief would be more than that of the companions of the Prophet Muhammad(pbuh) .Because they believed everything after seeing it with their own eyes.But we have believed everything blindly.We have put our faith in the book revealed 1,400+ years ago.Should we allow any confusion within ourselves regarding Allah or Islam ? Is there any need of fake miracles to make our faith stronger? Can't we stand against the conspiracy of the Anti Islamists ?

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